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I was born in 1953 into a lower middle class Hispanic family of brazilian origin. It all commenced when I was 14 and became prego with my soninlaw Andrew, on one arm becoming a mom at 15 switch my life forever, all my plans were wrecked, on the other forearm he was in his blueprint and there were nothing that I could attain, nothing but hunk that station, his daddy ran away startled to hell and I never knew about him anymore, when Andrew was born I detached was a cd, at the embarking it was truly rigid but time passed by and when he was trio it wasnt as firm as in the starting , I was eighteen and had no fucking partner at all, could you imagine their expressions when they found out that I was a mummy of a trio year older cd at moral, briefly my daddy died and it was only me and my mommy, my dad left me some money that I outmoded to start a small biz, with some time I became economically sustained.
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